TP-B30T Facial tissue machine

Price: Negotiable
Model Number: TP-B30T
Power: 18KW
Application: Facial tissue machine,
Weight: 1800kg
Output: 21 bundles/min
Packaging dimension: L(180-500)×W(120-420)×H(85-100)mm
Place of Origin: CHINA.
Brand Name: IMAKO
Certification: CE, ISO
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Trading Method: FOB/CIF/EXW Xiamen Port
Delivery Time: 90 Days
Packaging logistics: In wooded cases with fumigation finish or wrapped with plastic film.

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TP-B30T main parameter configuration

Scope of application

Single pack facial tissue

Packing style




Bag install mode

Dual bag racks

Bag storage quantity

≤ 300/bags

Machine weight (KG)


Machine size

L3355 *W1580 *H1738

Bag type


Compressed air (mpa)

Air source0.6 Air flow≥300L / min

Power supply

308V / 50HZ

Sealing mode

Heating tube heating to seal

Gusset forming mode

Vacuum mold forming

Facial tissue machine: An Introduction

The facial tissue machine is a type of equipment that is used to manufacture and package facial tissues. It is an indispensable tool in modern-day life, and it has greatly contributed to making our lives easier and more comfortable. Below are some of the key things you need to know concerning facial tissue machines.

How it is Made

A facial tissue machine comprises several parts that work together to produce facial tissues. The basic components of the machine include a parent roll stand, embossing unit, perforation unit, cutting unit, and packing unit. The machine uses high-quality paper in the production of facial tissues, and the paper is usually fed into the machine using a parent roll stand. Once the paper is fed into the machine, it undergoes some vital processes such as embossing, perforation, cutting, and packaging to produce the final product. The machine is designed to produce a variety of facial tissues with different sizes, textures, and colors, depending on the specifications of the manufacturer.

Types of Facial Tissue Machines

There are diverse types of facial tissue machines that can be used to produce facial tissues. The choice of the machine that one will use depends on various factors such as the intended application, cost, and production capacity. Some of the common types of facial tissue machines include the single and double-handed inter fold machine, mini facial machine, pocket tissue machine, and boxed facial tissue machine. For industrial use, the high-speed facial tissue machines produce a large amount of facial tissues within a short period. The choice of the machine also determines the quality of the final product.

Applications of Facial Tissue Machines

The facial tissue machine is commonly used in households and commercial establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. The tissues produced by these machines are widely used to clean the face, nose, and hands. They are also used as a substitute for napkins. In addition, facial tissues are essential in the health sector since they are used to wipe away nasal secretions and mucus. In the hotel industry, facial tissues are essential in providing exceptional customer service and comfort.

In conclusion, the facial tissue machine is an indispensable machine that has transformed our lives by providing accessible, affordable, and reliable facial tissues. They are easily available, and they come in diverse sizes and colors that suit different preferences. The machine has made it possible for us to have clean faces, noses, and hands, no matter where we are.

★TP-B30T automatic tissue bundle packing machine is suitable for auto bundle packing single soft pack facial tissue.







Equipped with bag opening detection protection function, air source management function, fault alarm display function, servo overload protection function.

Double column packaging, specification conversion, One click for size changing. It has the advantage of easy operation, high efficiency.

TP-B20T 6.jpg
TP-B30T Facial tissue machineMain Parts

1. Film cutting knife holder

The Film-cutting knife holder is also responsible for protecting the blade from dirt and debris that may be present in the manufacturing process. This helps to ensure that the blade remains sharp and effective, which is essential for maintaining the quality of the packaged Kitchen paperrolls.

2. Sealer

The sealer typically consists of a heating element, a sealing bar, and a pressure mechanism, which work together to create a strong and secure seal on the package. The sealer is an essential component of the sanitary packaging process.

3. Output part

Output of the finished product.
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   use-Facial Tissue Making Machine

Addison  2024-06-06

We appreciate the user-friendly interface and ease of operation of the Facial Tissue Making Machine.
   Facial Tissue Making Machine

Nora  2024-06-06

The Facial Tissue Making Machine exceeded our expectations in terms of efficiency and reliability.
   this facial tissue manufacturing machine is impressive

Ava  2024-06-06

The durability of this machine is impressive, it has been running smoothly without any major issues.
   With this facial tissue manufacturing machine

Hunter  2024-06-06

we've been able to meet the growing demand for facial tissue products without any hassle.
   facial tissue manufacturing machine

Mila  2024-06-06

This machine has significantly increased our production output while maintaining consistent quality.
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