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Tissue Paper Production Line worked in Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Limited 2018

Folded Soft Tissue Production Line (web width 2850mm)
  • Configuration: 3 individual pack soft tissue wrappers, 3 multi-pack soft tissue bundlers
  • Recommended equipment: TP-T180/T280 tissue packing machine, TP-T300 large size tissue napkin wrapping machine, TP-35C hand towel packing machine, TP-B20T facial tissue bundle packing machine, TP-B40TW tissue paper bundling packaging machine , TP-B40TZ tissue paper bundle wrapping machine
  • Application: folded soft tissue packaging

Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Limited is a company specialized in the manufacture of facial tissue, toilet rolls, paper handkerchiefs, etc. It is also an OEM plant for several renowned tissue brands. To better meet their customers' required productivity, the company planned to set up a new production line which requires few folded tissue wrappers and bundlers.

When this company makes decision to purchase the equipment, they have evaluated and made comprehensive comparison of production efficiency and cost of several tissue packaging equipment manufacturers, and eventually chose IMAKO as its supplier.

Established in 1994, Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Ltd (“Lee & Man Paper”) has grown from a small company into a world leading paper and pulp manufacturer. On 26 September 2003, the Group was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock code: 02314). 

The group currently has 5 paper mills , 3 tissue mills and 1 pulp factory in China. They are distributed in Zhongtang Town and Hongmei Town of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Changshu City, Chongqing Yongchuan District, Ruichang City, Jiangxi Province, etc.In addition, the group also has production bases in Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries. 

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