TP-B30RE toilet paper making machine Manufacturers

Price: Negotiable
Model Number: TP-B30RE
Power: 25KW
Application: Single Packed/Unpack Core/Coreless Roll Paper
Weight: 3400KG
Output: 22 Pack/Min
Packaging dimension: Length (L): 300-690 Width (W): 160-440 Height (H): 80-280 mm
Place of Origin: CHINA.
Brand Name: IMAKO
Certification: CE, ISO
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Trading Method: FOB/CIF/EXW Xiamen Port
Delivery Time: 90 Days
Packaging logistics: In wooded cases with fumigation finish or wrapped with plastic film.

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TP-B30RE main parameter configuration




Scope of Application

Core、coreless roll paper

Feeding type

ASF auto double lanes feeding system

Design speed

22 packs/min

Stable speed

20packs/min(relate to product size)

Gusset type

Vacuum forming mould

Cut off modo

lnsert & cut

Bag storage structure

Dual bag racks

Bag storage qty

600 bags

Bag material

PE film

Compressed air(MAP)

Pressure O.6MPA Flow 30l/min

Power supply


Total motor power(KW)


Machine weight (KG)


Bag type

premade bag

Servo control shaft nos


Electrical control system




Pneumatic system


Optional device

lnk code printer.thermos transfer printer




When it comes to personal hygiene products, one item we cannot do without is toilet paper. The invention of the toilet paper making machine revolutionized the production of this product, making it more efficient and cost-effective. In this article, we will explore the history and functionality of the toilet paper making machine.

The First Toilet Paper Making Machine

Before the invention of the toilet paper making machine, people relied on natural resources such as leaves or rags to clean themselves after using the bathroom. However, in 1857, Joseph Gayetty introduced the first commercialized toilet paper in the United States. It wasn't until 1871 that the first continuous roll toilet paper machine was patented by Seth Wheeler. This machine used a variety of materials, including wood pulp, to produce a continuous sheet of toilet paper.

The Modern Toilet Paper Making Machine

Today, toilet paper making machines are much more advanced and efficient than their early counterparts. These machines use a combination of high-tech electronics and mechanical components to produce a high-quality product at a rapid pace. From raw material input to finished product output, the entire process is automated, minimizing the need for human intervention and reducing the risk of errors.

The Benefits of a Toilet Paper Making Machine

There are many benefits to using a toilet paper making machine. For one, it allows for the production of large quantities of toilet paper in a short amount of time. This makes it ideal for both commercial and residential use. Additionally, the use of a toilet paper making machine ensures the consistency and quality of the product, which is important for customer satisfaction. Furthermore, by automating the production process, toilet paper making machines reduce labor costs, leading to lower product prices for end consumers.

In conclusion, the toilet paper making machine plays a critical role in the production of this essential hygiene product. From its humble beginnings to its current state-of-the-art technology, the toilet paper making machine has come a long way. Its benefits extend beyond just production efficiency, as it ultimately helps maintain our personal hygiene and health.

Equipped with functions of waste bag free stop automatic rejection, air source management, fault alarm and display, servo overload protection.
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TP-B30RE toilet paper making machine ManufacturersMain Parts
Film Frame

Film Frame

The Film Frame is an important component of the toilet roll packing machine. It is used to support and hold the film that is used to wrap the toilet rolls.It is typically made of metal or plastic, and it is designed to be sturdy and durable. attached to the machine frame, and it is positioned in a way that allows the film to be easily stretched and wrapped around the toilet rolls.
Electric motors

Electric motors

The electric motors used in toilet roll packing machines are typically selected based on the specific requirements of the machine. Factors such as the speed, torque, and power output needed to drive the various components are all taken into consideration when selecting the motor.
Film Dragging Rollers

Film Dragging Rollers

The Film Dragging Rollers are an important component of the toilet roll packing machine. They are used to pull the film across the surface of the toilet rolls and ensure that the film is tightly wrapped around the rolls. The Film Dragging Rollers are also designed to be adjustable, which allow
Speed Reducer

Speed Reducer

The speed reducer is typically located between the electric motor and the gearbox, and it works by reducing the rotational speed of the motor while increasing the torque. This allows the machine to operate at a slower speed, which is necessary for the efficient movement of the rollers and other components.
TP-B30RE toilet paper making machine ManufacturersRelated Quality Control
Quality control checks
Quality control checks
We perform regular quality control checks to ensure that TP-B30RE toilet paper making machine Manufacturers meets the required standards. This includes testing for functionality, safety, and user experience.
BOM Check
BOM Check
During our production process, operators will check the bill of materials to find and test the right parts. Ensure the structure and function of TP-B30RE toilet paper making machine Manufacturers meet the requirements.
Performance testing
Performance testing
We conduct rigorous performance testing on each machine to ensure that it meets the required specifications. This includes testing for speed, accuracy, and reliability.
Imako have strict assembly processes in place to ensure that each machine is built to the highest standards. This includes testing and inspection at each stage of the assembly process.

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   this toilet roll pakaging machine ensures long-term performance

Harper  2024-06-05

The durability of this toilet roll pakaging machine ensures long-term performance, delivering consistent results day after day.
   this roll paper packing machine into our production line.

Nathan  2024-06-05

We've seen a noticeable improvement in our packaging efficiency since implementing
   With its user-friendly interface

lisa  2024-06-05

our staff quickly learned to operate this toilet paper packing machine without extensive training.
   This Toilet Paper Rolls Packing Machine's compact

Hazel  2024-06-05

design allows us to maximize space in our facility, optimizing our workflow.
   Efficient and reliable

Camila  2024-06-05

this Toilet Paper Rolls Packing Machine has streamlined our packaging process, saving us time and resources
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