Essential Product Knowledge for Small Tissue Paper Making Machine

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Essential Product Knowledge for Small Tissue Paper Making Machine


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Tissue paper is a widely used product in households, offices, and other commercial establishments. With the increasing demand for tissue paper, small tissue paper making machines have become popular among entrepreneurs looking to start a tissue paper manufacturing business. In order to successfully operate and maintain a small tissue paper making machine, having essential product knowledge is crucial. This article will provide an overview of the key aspects that individuals should be familiar with when working with a small tissue paper making machine.

Machine Components and Functions

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A small tissue paper making machine consists of several important components that work together to produce high-quality tissue paper. These components include:

  • Paper Pulping System: This system is responsible for breaking down raw materials, such as wood pulp or recycled paper, into a pulp mixture.
  • Wire Section: Here, the pulp mixture is evenly distributed onto a wire mesh to form a continuous sheet of paper.
  • Press Section: In this section, excess water is removed from the paper sheet through pressing to improve its strength and density.
  • Drying Section: The paper sheet passes through heated rollers or a drying cylinder to remove remaining moisture and increase its dryness.
  • Reeling Section: In this final section, the dried paper sheet is wound onto cardboard cores to create large rolls of tissue paper.

Understanding the functions and operations of each component is essential for troubleshooting and maintaining the machine's efficiency.

Raw Materials and Quality Control

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The quality of tissue paper produced by a small tissue paper making machine greatly depends on the selection of raw materials. Wood pulp and recycled paper are the commonly used materials. Wood pulp provides better quality and strength, while recycled paper offers environmental benefits. It is important to ensure that the raw materials are clean, free from contaminants, and properly mixed to obtain a consistent product.

Quality control is another crucial aspect in tissue paper production. Regular testing of the paper's strength, absorbency, and thickness should be conducted to maintain the desired quality standards. This can be achieved by using appropriate testing equipment and following industry guidelines.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Maintaining a small tissue paper making machine is vital for its smooth operation and longevity. Regular cleaning of the machine, lubrication of moving parts, and inspection of electronic components are necessary to prevent breakdowns and ensure optimal performance. Additionally, maintaining proper tension on the wire mesh, adjusting pressure settings, and monitoring temperature levels throughout various sections of the machine contribute to consistent and efficient paper production.

Despite proper maintenance, issues may arise during operation. Understanding common troubleshooting techniques, such as identifying and addressing paper jams, resolving inconsistencies in paper thickness, and adjusting settings to optimize paper properties, can help minimize downtime and maximize productivity.


In conclusion, having essential product knowledge is crucial for operating and maintaining a small tissue paper making machine effectively. Familiarizing oneself with machine components, understanding the selection and quality control of raw materials, and being proficient in maintenance and troubleshooting practices will contribute to the successful operation of the machine and the production of high-quality tissue paper. By continuously improving and refining these skills, entrepreneurs can capitalize on the growing demand for tissue paper and build a sustainable business.

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