Facial Tissue Packing & Toilet Paper Folding Machine In Turkey

Brand Name: IMAKO
Certification: CE, ISO
Delivery Time:90 Days
Model Number: TP-35C Hand Towel Paper Packing Machine
Power: 10KW
Application: N/Z Fold Hand Towel Paper and Napkins
Weight: 3600KG
Output: 35Pack/Min
Packaging dimension: Length (L): 150~300 Width (W): 110~250 Height (H): 70~115 mm

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We provide our Turkey customers with some customized solutions to suit their specific needs. Our Hand Towel Paper Packing Machine can adapt to different packaging needs, including different packaging methods, different packaging specifications, etc. We also provide some training and warranty service to ensure customers can use our Towel Paper Packing Machine smoothly.
Our Hand Tissue Packing Machine adopts the latest technology to pack tissue products at high speed and can automate the packing process to increase production efficiency.
In addition, our Tissue Paper Packing Machine in Turkey can automatically identify bad products and automatically reject them, thus ensuring product quality.
Finally, the customer decided to purchase our Tissue Machine and signed a long-term cooperation agreement with us.
Imako Hand Tissue Paper Packing Machine are very popular in Turkey market. It is not only easy to operate and has a high output.
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