Essential Product Knowledge for Wet Tissue Manufacturing Machine

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Essential Product Knowledge for Wet Tissue Manufacturing Machine


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Wet tissue manufacturing machines play a crucial role in the production of various types of wet wipes. These machines are designed to automate the process of wet tissue manufacturing, ensuring consistent quality and high production efficiency. As a manufacturer or operator of such machines, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of their product knowledge to maximize their performance and optimize the output. This article aims to provide an overview of the essential product knowledge required for wet tissue manufacturing machines.

Machine Components and Functions

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Understanding the components and functions of a wet tissue manufacturing machine is fundamental to operating and maintaining it effectively. The machine typically consists of the following key components:

1. Unwinding Unit: This component feeds the raw material roll into the machine, ensuring a continuous supply.

2. Folding Unit: It folds the wet tissues into the desired shape, such as rectangles or squares.

3. Moistening Unit: This unit is responsible for applying the required amount of moisture to the tissue, achieving the desired wetness.

4. Cutting Unit: It cuts the folded and moistened tissue into individual pieces or packs.

5. Packaging Unit: This component wraps the wet tissues into their final packaging, ready for distribution.

Operating Parameters and Adjustments

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Properly setting the operating parameters of the wet tissue manufacturing machine is crucial for consistent product quality and efficient production. Key operating parameters include:

1. Speed: The speed at which the machine operates determines the production rate. It should be set according to the desired output and the machine's capabilities.

2. Moisture Control: Precise control of the moisture level ensures that the wet tissues have the desired wetness. This parameter can be adjusted based on the type of tissue and customer preferences.

3. Folding Technique: Different folding techniques produce different tissue shapes. The machine should provide options for adjusting the folding technique to meet specific product requirements.

4. Cutting Size: The machine should offer flexibility in adjusting the cutting size to cater to different product sizes or package configurations.

5. Packaging Options: Depending on the target market and customer preferences, the machine should allow for different packaging options, such as single packs or multiple wipes per pack.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Regular maintenance and timely troubleshooting are essential to keep the wet tissue manufacturing machine in optimal condition. Some key points to consider include:

1. Cleaning: Regularly clean the machine components to prevent build-up of dirt, debris, or residue that could affect performance or product quality.

2. Lubrication: Ensure proper lubrication of moving parts to minimize friction and extend the lifespan of the machine.

3. Inspection: Periodically inspect the machine for any signs of wear, damage, or misalignment. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent breakdowns and improve overall efficiency.

4. Staff Training: Provide training to machine operators on routine maintenance tasks and troubleshooting common problems. This empowers them to handle minor issues quickly and efficiently.

5. Collaboration with Suppliers: Establish a good relationship with suppliers of machine parts and consumables to ensure quick availability of replacements and technical support when required.


Having a comprehensive understanding of the essential product knowledge for wet tissue manufacturing machines is crucial for their effective operation and optimal performance. Familiarity with machine components, operating parameters, and routine maintenance practices ensures consistent product quality, high production efficiency, and minimized downtime. By adhering to these practices, manufacturers and operators can maximize the potential of wet tissue manufacturing machines and meet the demands of the market effectively.

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