facial tissue converting machine Processing By 3D Shrink Film in Packing Machine Video

Author:IMAKO Tissue MachineFROM:Toilet Paper Machine Manufacturer TIME:2023-04-28

Facial tissue converting machine is a specialized machinery used to convert large tissue rolls into facial tissues. The converting process involves the use of advanced mechanisms to cut, fold, and package facial tissues according to the desired specifications. The machine can operate at high speeds and output large quantities of facial tissues, making it ideal for use in the tissue paper manufacturing industry. The machine is equipped with advanced features such as PLC controls, automatic tension control, and automatic web guiding to ensure consistent quality and reduce downtime. Its multi-functional design allows it to produce facial tissues with different sizes, colors, and embossing patterns to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Overall, the facial tissue converting machine plays a critical role in enhancing the efficiency and productivity of tissue paper production processes, thereby enabling manufacturers to remain competitive in the market.


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