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DP-B3OD Semi-Automatic adult diaper pakaging machine

Price: Negotiable
Model Number: DP-B3OD
Application: conveying and sealing of bundle filled diaper
Weight: 2000kc
Output: 30Bags/Min
Packaging dimension: L(200~600)/ W(160~460)/ H(100~200)
Place of Origin: CHINA.
Brand Name: IMAKO
Certification: CE, ISO
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Trading Method: FOB/CIF/EXW Xiamen Port
Delivery Time: 90 Days
Packaging logistics: In wooded cases with fumigation finish or wrapped with plastic film.

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The machine adopts PLC cooperates with sensors to control diaper feeding and separating.

Adopt servos for sealing. It has advantages of complete working functions configuration,

high working efficiency

Packing Speed


Max.Production Speed


Machine Weight


Machine Noise(DB)


semi automatic diaper packing machine

DP-B30D diaper packing machine is suitable for conveying and sealing of bundle filled diaper

The machine adopts PLC cooperates with sensors to control diaper feeding and separating.

Adopt servos for sealing. It has advantages of complete working functions configuration,

high working efficiency, easy to operate, wide sizes range, quick sizes changeover, easily

maintenance, low cost for using etc.

easy to operate, wide sizes range,quick sizes changeover, easily

maintenance, low cost for using etc.

The machine adopts PLC cooperates with sensors to control diaper feeding and separating.

Adopt servos for sealing. It has advantages of complete working functions configuration,

high working efficiency

Max,working speed 30bags per minute




DP-B3OD Semi-Automatic adult diaper pakaging machineRelated Main Parts
Bag making machine suction cups
Bag making machine suction cups
The suction cups used in a bag making machine for a diaper packaging machine are an important component that helps to hold the filled diaper bags in place as they are being sealed and cut. it create a vacuum around the bags, which helps to maintain the shape and position of the bags during the packaging process.
Sealing parts
Sealing parts
Sealing parts are responsible for creating an airtight or watertight seal around the packaged diapers. These parts are crucial in ensuring that the diapers remain fresh and free from contamination during storage and transportation.
Insertion of corners
Insertion of corners
Insertion of corners refers to the process of folding and securing the corners of the diaper package to create a secure and stable package. The corners are typically folded inward and then sealed to prevent the contents from spilling out or being damaged during storage and transportation.
The pushboard in a diaper packaging machine is a critical component that helps to control the movement of the filled diaper bags as they move through the packaging process. The pushboard is typically mounted on the front of the machine, and is designed to guide the bags into position as they are sealed and cut.
DP-B3OD Semi-Automatic adult diaper pakaging machineRelated Services
Remote diagnosis service overseas

1. Remote diagnosis service overseas

Necessary, engineers are available to do machinery service overseas but buyer need to responsible for all the expenses. Usually equipment failure occurs, our after-sales service technician will contact you as soon as possible to solve the problem.

2. Technical support and training service

Imako provides user training service, lifetime technical support and telephone consultation, allowing users to foresee and avoid potential problems while ensuring all equipment we provided remain at optimal running status.
Technical support and training service
One year warranty

3. One year warranty

All the machine has one year warranty.
Related FAQ
1.Are you manufacturer or trading company?
We are manufacture of automatic household paper packing machine, supports new product design, research development, component procurement, manufacturing assembly, sales promotion, andafter-sales technical services, and can provide comprehensive solutions for the complete product supply chain.
2.Where is your factory located?
Our factory is located in Shantou city,Guangdong province,China.Which is a beautiful coastal city in the South-eastern of China.The airport name in our city is Jieyang Airport ,airport code SWA and high-speed railway station is Chaoshan Station .It's very convenient to come from Guangzhou city or
3.What technical support can I get during the transaction?
We offer online technical support at any time you want.Instructional videos, the way of daily commissioning and maintenance also wil be provided. If you need installation service, our technicians can go abroad but this is not free. During warranty you could replace the failed parts for free.
4.What is a tissue paper packing machine?
A tissue paper packing machine is a type of manufacturing equipment used to wrap items such as hygiene products, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals in tissue paper.
5.How do I choose the right tissue wrapping machine for my business?
When choosing a tissue wrapping machine, it's important to consider factors such as the size and volume of your business, the type of paper towels you use, and your budget. You should also consider the level of automation you require and the amount of space you have available for the machine.
6.What are the components of packaging machine?
The components of DP-B3OD Semi-Automatic adult diaper pakaging machine typically include rolls of tissue paper, a product conveyor, a taping mechanism, a wrapping mechanism, and an output conveyor.

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   The Diaper Packing Machine is an absolute game-changer for our production line.

Sophia  2024-06-05

It's efficient, reliable, and has significantly increased our output.
   The baby daiper packing machine has streamlined our packaging process,

Layla  2024-06-05

allowing us to fulfill orders faster and more efficiently.
   we started using the baby diaper packing machine

Madison  2024-06-05

Our customers have been impressed with the quality of packaging since . It gives our products a professional finish.
   the adult diaper packing machine easy

Harper  2024-06-05

We've been using the adult diaper packing machine for months now and couldn't be happier to operate and has reduced our packaging time by half!
   With the disposable diaper packing machine

Scarlett  2024-06-05

we've seen a noticeable decrease in packaging errors. It's precise and ensures every diaper is properly sealed.
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