TP-R220 toilet paper making machine

Price: Negotiable
Model Number: TP-R220
Power: 15.2KW,380V/60Hz
Application: Single core and coreless toilet paper rolls
Weight: 1800KG
Output: 200 Packs/Min
Packaging dimension: Length (L): 80-220 Diameter(D) 80-130 mm
Place of Origin: CHINA.
Brand Name: IMAKO
Certification: CE, ISO
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Trading Method: FOB/CIF/EXW Xiamen Port
Delivery Time: 90 Days
Packaging logistics: In wooded cases with fumigation finish or wrapped with plastic film.

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When it comes to toilet paper production, the fully automatic toilet paper making machine is a game changer. This advanced technology makes it possible for companies to produce high-quality toilet paper in large quantities, without compromising on efficiency or quality.

Increased Productivity

The fully automatic toilet paper making machine is able to carry out all the necessary processes involved in toilet paper production, from cutting and pasting to winding and sealing, without any human intervention. This greatly reduces the risk of errors and delays, resulting in significantly higher productivity levels. This means that companies can produce more toilet paper in less time, at a lower cost, enabling them to keep up with demand and increase their profits.

Improved Quality

The fully automatic toilet paper making machine also ensures a consistently high level of quality throughout the entire production process. This is because the machine follows a pre-determined set of instructions and has built-in sensors that detect any irregularities in the production process. This means that there are fewer defects in the final product, resulting in higher customer satisfaction rates and a stronger reputation for the company.

Cost Savings

The fully automatic toilet paper making machine also leads to significant cost savings for companies. This is because it eliminates the need for manual labor and reduces the risk of material waste, resulting in lower production costs. Additionally, the machine requires minimal maintenance and has a long lifespan, meaning that companies can save on repair and replacement costs in the long run.

In conclusion, the fully automatic toilet paper making machine is a crucial tool for companies involved in toilet paper production. With its ability to increase productivity, improve quality, and save costs, it is no wonder that this technology is becoming increasingly popular among industry players.


Suitable for packing roll paper, such as roll tissue, code applying paper and cash register paper etc.


Max. Work Speed:


Total Power:


Pack Range(mm):

Length (L): 80-220

Diameter (D): 80-130


The creation of toilet paper is one of the most important inventions in the history of personal hygiene. Toilet paper making machines have made it easier for manufacturers to produce toilet paper in bulk, helping to supply a growing population's needs. Here, we'll dive into the details of these machines to better understand how they work and what makes them so essential.

How Toilet Paper Making Machines Work

Toilet paper making machines are complex pieces of machinery that play a crucial role in creating this iconic product. These machines are designed to turn raw materials such as wood pulp or recycled paper into the soft and fluffy toilet tissue that we all know and use in our daily lives. The process begins with raw materials being fed into a pulping machine that turns them into a fine pulp. This mixture is then sent to the main production machine where it is converted into sheets of toilet paper.

The Importance of Quality Control

Quality control is a vital part of any toilet paper manufacturing operation. It ensures that the final product is safe, hygienic and of a consistent quality. Modern toilet paper making machines are equipped with built-in quality control systems that help manufacturers to minimize waste and detect problems early in the production process. These systems use sensors and other technologies to monitor factors such as paper thickness and moisture levels, allowing operators to adjust the machine's settings as needed.

The Benefits of Modern Toilet Paper Making Machines

Modern toilet paper making machines offer significant benefits over their older counterparts. They are faster, more efficient and more reliable than ever before, allowing manufacturers to increase production while reducing costs. Additionally, many of these machines are designed to be easy to use and maintain, with most issues able to be fixed quickly and with minimal downtime. With the right tools and technology, manufacturers can meet the growing demand for toilet paper and ensure a steady supply for consumers around the world.

In conclusion, toilet paper making machines have become an integral part of the modern world. These complicated but essential pieces of technology ensure that we have a steady supply of high-quality toilet paper to meet our daily needs. As technology continues to improve, it's likely that toilet paper making machines will become even more efficient and reliable, helping us to maintain the highest standards of personal hygiene for years to come.

General function

Link conveyor system, auto monitor in feed rolls flow, machine auto-stop for limited rolls, rolls auto arrange and feed function, auto stop for abnormal operation and no facial tissue condition, auto alarm and stop for no film, film cutting position electronic auto adjust function, auto-memory and keep parameters function,  main machine jog and separated action function, side-sealing part separated action function, whole machine linkage and emergency stop function, whole machine cycle stop and auto display defaults function.

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TP-R220 toilet paper making machineMain Parts
Film-cutting knife holder

Film-cutting knife holder

The Film-cutting knife holder is usually designed with a specific angle and position, which helps to ensure that the blade makes a straight and accurate cut. It is also designed to be easily adjustable, which allows for different sizes and shapes of film to be used as needed.
Film Dragging Rollers

Film Dragging Rollers

The Film Dragging Rollers are an important component of the toilet roll packing machine. They are used to pull the film across the surface of the toilet rolls and ensure that the film is tightly wrapped around the rolls. The Film Dragging Rollers are also designed to be adjustable, which allow
Electric motors

Electric motors

The electric motors used in toilet roll packing machines are typically selected based on the specific requirements of the machine. Factors such as the speed, torque, and power output needed to drive the various components are all taken into consideration when selecting the motor.
Film Frame

Film Frame

The Film Frame is an important component of the toilet roll packing machine. It is used to support and hold the film that is used to wrap the toilet rolls.It is typically made of metal or plastic, and it is designed to be sturdy and durable. attached to the machine frame, and it is positioned in a way that allows the film to be easily stretched and wrapped around the toilet rolls.
TP-R220 toilet paper making machineRelated Quality Control
Quality control checks
Quality control checks
We perform regular quality control checks to ensure that TP-R220 toilet paper making machine meets the required standards. This includes testing for functionality, safety, and user experience.
Customer feedback
Customer feedback
We value customer feedback and use it to continuously improve the quality of machines. This includes incorporating customer suggestions and addressing any issues that arise.
Supplier Management Team
Supplier Management Team
The goal of our supplier management team is to effectively monitor the timely and high-quality delivery of suppliers, improve process control, promote synergy and common progress between suppliers and the company.
Parts Storage Management
Parts Storage Management
we use a efficient systems to help visualize the process, making the process of purchasing, checking, warehousing and using of raw materials efficient and transparent.

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   Efficient and reliable

Camila  2024-06-05

this Toilet Paper Rolls Packing Machine has streamlined our packaging process, saving us time and resources
   With its user-friendly interface

lisa  2024-06-05

our staff quickly learned to operate this toilet paper packing machine without extensive training.
   This Toilet Paper Rolls Packing Machine's compact

Hazel  2024-06-05

design allows us to maximize space in our facility, optimizing our workflow.
   this toilet roll pakaging machine ensures long-term performance

Harper  2024-06-05

The durability of this toilet roll pakaging machine ensures long-term performance, delivering consistent results day after day.
   this roll paper packing machine into our production line.

Nathan  2024-06-05

We've seen a noticeable improvement in our packaging efficiency since implementing
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