Product Knowledge for Tissue Paper Production Line

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Product Knowledge for Tissue Paper Production Line


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Tissue paper is a widely used product in our daily lives. From facial tissues to toilet papers, the demand for tissue paper is constantly increasing. As a result, the tissue paper production line plays a crucial role in meeting this demand. This article aims to provide an overview of the product knowledge related to the tissue paper production line.

Raw Materials

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The first step in tissue paper production is the selection of appropriate raw materials. Typically, wood pulp and recycled paper are the primary sources. Wood pulp obtained from trees provides high-quality fibers, while recycled paper offers environmental benefits. The choice of raw materials depends on factors such as cost, availability, and desired paper quality.

In addition to the main raw materials, additives such as fillers, dyes, and chemicals are also used. Fillers, like calcium carbonate, enhance paper strength and opacity. Dyes are added to create different colors and patterns, making tissue paper more visually appealing. Chemicals like sizing agents improve water resistance and ink absorption properties.

Production Process

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The tissue paper production process involves several stages, including pulping, refining, sheet formation, pressing, drying, and rewinding. Pulping breaks down the raw materials into individual fibers, which are then refined to improve their quality and strength. The refined fibers are mixed with water to create a slurry, which is then formed into sheets using a wire mesh screen.

After forming the sheets, they go through a pressing stage to remove excess water and improve the paper's dryness. Subsequently, the damp paper is dried using heated cylinders. The drying process is crucial for maintaining the paper's strength and preventing any microbial growth. Finally, the dried paper is rewound into large rolls or cut into smaller sheets, ready for packaging and distribution.

Quality Control

To ensure the production of high-quality tissue paper, strict quality control measures are implemented throughout the production line. Various parameters are monitored, including paper thickness, tensile strength, absorbency, and appearance. Advanced technologies such as online sensors and computerized systems are used to detect any deviations from the desired specifications.

Moreover, regular testing of paper samples is conducted in well-equipped laboratories. These tests evaluate various characteristics such as basis weight, brightness, softness, and tear resistance. Any deviations or defects are identified and rectified promptly to maintain consistent product quality.


The tissue paper production line is a complex and intricate process that requires careful selection of raw materials, adherence to production processes, and implementation of stringent quality control measures. By understanding the product knowledge related to the tissue paper production line, manufacturers can produce high-quality tissue paper that meets the growing demand and customer expectations.

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