Maintenance and Care of Tissue Folding Machine

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Maintenance and Care of Tissue Folding Machine


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A tissue folding machine plays a crucial role in the production of tissue products. It performs the task of folding tissue paper into various sizes and shapes, ensuring efficient packaging and convenience for consumers. To ensure the smooth operation and longevity of the machine, regular maintenance and care are essential. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on the maintenance and care of tissue folding machines.

1. Cleaning and Lubrication

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Regular cleaning and lubrication are vital for the proper functioning of a tissue folding machine. Dust, debris, and accumulated paper particles can hinder the movement of components, leading to reduced efficiency and potential breakdowns. It is advisable to clean the machine daily, paying attention to areas such as the folding rollers, belts, and cutting blades. Using a soft cloth or brush, remove any visible dirt or residue. Additionally, lubricate the moving parts with appropriate lubricants to minimize friction and enhance smooth operation.

2. Inspection and Adjustment

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Periodic inspection and adjustment of the tissue folding machine are necessary to maintain its optimal performance. Start by checking the tension of belts and chains, ensuring they are neither too loose nor too tight. Loose belts can slip, affecting the folding accuracy, while tight belts can strain the machine's components. Verify that all sensors, switches, and safety features are working correctly. Check for any loose or damaged parts, such as springs or bolts, and replace them if necessary. Additionally, verify the alignment of the folding blades and make adjustments as needed to ensure precise folds.

3. Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Implementing a preventive maintenance schedule can significantly reduce the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns and prolong the lifespan of the tissue folding machine. This includes regular inspection of electrical connections, wiring, and control systems. Replace any worn-out or damaged parts promptly to prevent further damage. Keep a record of maintenance activities, including cleaning, lubrication, inspections, and repairs. In case of any issues or malfunctions, consult the machine's manual or contact the manufacturer for troubleshooting guidance. Regularly train machine operators on basic maintenance procedures to ensure optimal care.


In conclusion, proper maintenance and care are essential for a tissue folding machine's smooth operation and longevity. Regular cleaning, lubrication, inspection, adjustment, and preventive maintenance can help avoid breakdowns, optimize performance, and extend the machine's lifespan. By following the guidelines outlined in this article, you can ensure that your tissue folding machine operates at its best, delivering high-quality folded tissue products consistently.

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