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DP-B20D Semi-Automatic Baby/Adult Diaper Packing Machine Pull-ups Wrapper

Price: Negotiable
Model Number: DP-B20D
Power: 6KW
Application: Baby Diaper, Pull-ups, Adult Diaper, Nursing Napkin etc
Weight: 1600kg
Packaging dimension:
Place of Origin: CHINA.
Brand Name: IMAKO
Certification: CE, ISO
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Trading Method: FOB/CIF/EXW Xiamen Port
Delivery Time: 90 Days
Packaging logistics: In wooded cases with fumigation finish or wrapped with plastic film.

DP-B20D main parameter configuration




Packing speed


Maximum slable speed


Machine weight(KG)


Machine noise(db)


Percent of pass


Power supply


Bag material

PE.lamination film etc.

Compressed air(MPA)


Adopts PLC cooperate with sensor to control diaper feeding and array. Use servo to control sealing and gusset unit. Has advantages of complete operation configuration, high efficiency, easy to operate, wide size range, quick sizes changing, convenient maintenance, low cost in using etc..


A diaper packing machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to package diapers efficiently and accurately. It is commonly used in the manufacturing and packaging industry for producing hygiene products such as baby diapers, adult diapers, and feminine hygiene products. The machine is equipped with advanced features that ensure high-speed operation, precise packaging, and consistent quality. Some of its key features include a high-speed packaging system, adjustable packaging settings, and a user-friendly interface. Its functionalities allow for a range of packaging options, such as pillow packs, flat packs, and gusseted bags. Overall, the diaper packing machine is an essential tool for manufacturers seeking to streamline their packaging processes and improve product quality.



DP-B20D Semi-Automatic Baby/Adult Diaper Packing Machine Pull-ups WrapperMain Parts
Insertion of corners

1. Insertion of corners

Insertion of corners refers to the process of folding and securing the corners of the diaper package to create a secure and stable package. The corners are typically folded inward and then sealed to prevent the contents from spilling out or being damaged during storage and transportation.

2. Conveyor Belt

The belt is an essential component of a baby diaper packing machine that ensures the smooth and efficient movement of the product from one station to another. It is responsible for driving the conveyor belt and coordinating the timing of the machine's various components.
Conveyor Belt

3. Pushboard

The pushboard in a diaper packaging machine is a critical component that helps to control the movement of the filled diaper bags as they move through the packaging process. The pushboard is typically mounted on the front of the machine, and is designed to guide the bags into position as they are sealed and cut.
DP-B20D Semi-Automatic Baby/Adult Diaper Packing Machine Pull-ups WrapperRelated Quality Control
Customer feedback
Customer feedback
We value customer feedback and use it to continuously improve the quality of machines. This includes incorporating customer suggestions and addressing any issues that arise.
Material inspection
Material inspection
Imako use high-quality materials to build DP-B20D Semi-Automatic Baby/Adult Diaper Packing Machine Pull-ups Wrapper, and they inspect each component to ensure that it meets the required standards.
Design and engineering
Design and engineering
Imako have a team of experienced engineers and designers who use the latest 3D modeling software to design and test the DP-B20D Semi-Automatic Baby/Adult Diaper Packing Machine Pull-ups Wrapper before they are built.
Quality control checks
Quality control checks
We perform regular quality control checks to ensure that DP-B20D Semi-Automatic Baby/Adult Diaper Packing Machine Pull-ups Wrapper meets the required standards. This includes testing for functionality, safety, and user experience.
Manufacturer Advantage We have strong power to support our production, from factory environment construction to equipment
configuration, all leading to high quality products.
Efficient Reaction

Efficient Reaction

24 hours online service is hard but our team loves to help our customers solve problems, that what we try to do.


Imako have a deep understanding of the industry and the specific needs of their customers. This expertise allows them to design and build high-quality DP-B20D Semi-Automatic Baby/Adult Diaper Packing Machine Pull-ups Wrapper that are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer.
Increased productivity

Increased productivity

DP-B20D Semi-Automatic Baby/Adult Diaper Packing Machine Pull-ups Wrapper are designed to be efficient and accurate, reducing the risk of errors and increasing the speed of the packaging process. This can lead to increased productivity and a more profitable business.
Quick Delivery

Quick Delivery

Shipment requires 20 days for stored machine and 60 days for customized product.
DP-B20D Semi-Automatic Baby/Adult Diaper Packing Machine Pull-ups WrapperRelated Services
One year warranty

1. One year warranty

All the machine has one year warranty.

2. Upgrades

Imako offer upgrades to help customers improve the performance and functionality of DP-B20D Semi-Automatic Baby/Adult Diaper Packing Machine Pull-ups Wrapper. This includes adding new features or capabilities, as well as improving existing ones.

3. Maintenance

We offer maintenance services to help customers keep DP-B20D Semi-Automatic Baby/Adult Diaper Packing Machine Pull-ups Wrapper in good working order. This includes regular cleaning and lubrication, as well as more extensive repairs as needed.
Related FAQ
1.How fast can a tissue packing machine wrap items?
The speed of a tissue paper packing machine can vary depending on the specific model and the size of the items being wrapped. However, the machines are designed to be fast and efficient, allowing for high-volume production.
2.How do Tissue packaging machine work?
Paper towel packaging machines typically work by inserting pre-rolled paper towels into a packaging material, such as a box or bag. The machine then seals the package and applies a label to the outside.
3.How to Guarantee transaction security?
Before delivery, we will send the pictures and videos to you to check the quality. Or you could arrange checking on your own. Also license and certificate could be provided for checking.
4.Where is your factory located?
Our factory is located in Shantou city,Guangdong province,China.Which is a beautiful coastal city in the South-eastern of China.The airport name in our city is Jieyang Airport ,airport code SWA and high-speed railway station is Chaoshan Station .It's very convenient to come from Guangzhou city or
5.How do I maintain a packing machine?
To maintain DP-B20D Semi-Automatic Baby/Adult Diaper Packing Machine Pull-ups Wrapper, it's important to regularly clean and sanitize the machine, keep it well-stocked with packaging materials, and regularly check for any issues or signs of wear and tear. You should also follow the manufacturer's instructions for routine maintenance and upk
6.What are the components of packaging machine?
The components of DP-B20D Semi-Automatic Baby/Adult Diaper Packing Machine Pull-ups Wrapper typically include rolls of tissue paper, a product conveyor, a taping mechanism, a wrapping mechanism, and an output conveyor.
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