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Fully Automatic Toilet Roll & Folded Tissue Production Line In China

Sichuan Vanov Daily Use Commodity Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in manufacturing, supplying and brand marketing of bamboo pulp tissue paper, its brand known as "BABO". As people become more aware of environmental protection, to be associated with tissue paper industry, bamboo pulp tissue paper is increasingly popular with manufacturers so that the sales of "BABO" are significantly increasing. To meet the high demands of the market, the company has been equipped with fully automatic folded tissue production line which contains facial tissue wrapper, facial tissue bundler and case packer.

In 2019, IMAKO has developed a complete customer-specific packaging solution according to their requirements of tissue size, packaging style and bay type.

1.Automatic Folded Tissue Production Line

Configuration: individual pack tissue wrapper, multi-pack tissue bundler, case packer
Recommended equipment: TP-T180/T280, TP-T300, TP-35C, TP-B20T, TP-B40TW, TP-B40TZ, TP-C20
Application: folded facial tissue packaging
2.Toilet Roll Production Line
Configuration: toilet paper roll wrapper, toilet paper roll bundler, toilet paper roll packaging machine (family pack)
Recommended equipment: TP-R220, TP-B30R, TP-B30RE
Application: tissue rolls, coreless toilet paper rolls packaging

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