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Facial Tissue Paper Production Line in Malaysia

Introduction:This case focuses on a client in Malaysia who was in need of a facial tissue paper production line. The client, a well-established tissue paper manufacturing company, sought to expand their product range by adding facial tissue paper to their portfolio. They approached our company, a leading provider of production line solutions, to help them establish a state-of-the-art facility.

Client Background:The client, a major player in the tissue paper industry in Malaysia, has been serving both local and international markets for over two decades. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, they have earned a reputation for producing various types of tissue papers, including toilet rolls, kitchen towels, and napkins.

Business Challenge:

The client recognized the growing demand for facial tissue paper both domestically and in nearby markets. To capitalize on this opportunity, they needed to install a dedicated production line for facial tissue paper. However, the existing infrastructure and equipment were not suitable for producing facial tissues.Solution Provided:Our team of experts conducted a thorough assessment of the client's requirements and proposed a customized solution to meet their specific needs. We recommended a turnkey solution, which included the installation of a fully automated facial tissue paper production line with cutting-edge technology.

Key Features of the Production Line:

1. Unwinding System: This system precisely unwinds the jumbo tissue paper rolls and feeds them into the subsequent stages of production.

2. Embossing and Folding Section: The facial tissue paper is embossed to enhance its softness and folded into convenient sizes.

3. Cutting and Packaging: High-speed cutting machines accurately cut the tissue paper into individual sheets, which are then packaged in attractive and hygienic bundles.

4. Conveying and Stacking: Automated conveyor systems transport the packaged facial tissue paper to the stacking area, ensuring efficient handling and storage.

Benefits to the Client:

1. Increased Efficiency: The automated production line significantly reduces labor requirements, increases production speed, and improves overall efficiency.

2. Enhanced Product Quality: The advanced technology used in the production line ensures consistent quality by minimizing human errors and maintaining precise control parameters.

3. Diversification of Product Range: With the new production line, the client can now offer facial tissue paper to their customers, allowing them to tap into a lucrative market segment.

4. Competitive Advantage: The client's ability to produce high-quality facial tissue paper enhances their competitiveness in the industry, attracting more customers and boosting their market share.

Conclusion:By investing in a dedicated facial tissue paper production line, our client in Malaysia successfully expanded their product range and capitalized on the growing demand for facial tissue paper. The fully automated production line provided them with enhanced efficiency, improved product quality, and a competitive edge in the market. We are proud to have partnered with the client in their journey towards business growth and success.

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